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A family winery that follows tradition and uses modern technology in the production of high-quality wines.


Vineyards planted mainly with indigenous Istrian varieties at an altitude of 200 meters on red soil.

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Be sure to try our white wines Malvasia and Chardonnay sur-lie as well as our red cuvée Mozaik and Borgonja.


We achieve the recognizability and uniqueness of our wines thanks to two experienced oenologists from the family.



An expressive wine with a straw-yellow colour, ripe fruit dominates on the nose while the taste is full, rounded and persistent long after the first sip.



Mozaik is a cuvée of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Borgonja. The wine has ruby red tones and a rich taste. It’s an elegant wine that tastes both light and mature at the same time.



Dry red wine that has aged in wooden barrels for at least fifteen months. An elegant wine that is both delicate and well-balanced.



Chardonnay is aged in wooden barrels with the so-called sur lie technology. The aroma of this Chardonnay is dominated by the smell of hazelnuts, honey and buttery notes. The taste is rich and slightly spicy.

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We produce a wide range of wines, each with a distinctive aroma profile yet linked by pur signature style of purity, elegance and balance.

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Our family farm has been producing wine for three generations, and each successive generation continues our tradition of wine production.

wine is made in the vineyard.