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About Us


Our family farm has been producing wine for three generations, and each successive generation now continues our tradition of agricultural production. Land has always been vital to families in this area of Istria, and wine has a major role in a family’s story – because in this region of Croatia life would be unthinkable without a sip of fine wine after a hard day’s work! Today in the Cossetto family there are two oenologists, but once the studying of viticulture and viniculture was over and our university degrees completed, we split responsibility for our wine production, so one of us has remained in science, the other in the production of the harvest. Our primary activities are wine growing and wine making, on 8 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 200 meters situated in an optimum location on red soil, facing south, southeast and southwest. With such a small vineyard we have concentrated on producing high quality wines for the more discerning, gourmet market. Our core business concentrates on the production of wines from indigenous grape varieties, those of Istrian malvasia, teran and borgonja, but we also plant world-renowned grapes that complement our range of Istrian wines, such as chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and white muscat.


first MSc in Agronomy


Alfredo gets an MSc in Agronomy.

first planned plantation


First planned varietal plantation in new vineyards.

first harvesting


First time harvesting the new vineyards.

quality label


Obtaining a quality label for our wines.

signature wines


Production of our signature wines.

our winery


Winery construction.

Malvasia Rustica


First year producing Malvasia Rustica.

first award


Receiving awards for Chardonnay, Malvasia and Mozaik on Vinistra.

premium line


Introduction of our premium line of wines.

introducing Malvasia Gentile


Product of our youngest family member Denis Cossetto.